2011 National awards recipients

Congratulations to Yvon Trepanier, Bev Lavender and Beth Holloway for recently being awarded Parkinson Society Canada’s highest honours.

The Dr. Morton Shulman Award was presented earlier this year to Parkinson Alberta Society.

David Simmonds Parkinson’s Leadership Award

  • Yvon Trepanier
Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee

Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee

Yvon Trepanier of Appin, Ontario has been awarded the David Simmonds Parkinson Leadership Award for his outstanding commitment to Canadians with Parkinson’s.

Yvon, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nine years ago, is well known for his work as Chair of Parkinson Society Canada’s National Advocacy Committee, where his vision and tenacity helped leverage a $20,000 Parkinson’s research project into a $15 million neurological national population health study that will benefit many neurological conditions.

“We are delighted that Yvon receives this recognition as he has truly made a major contribution to the Canadian Parkinson’s community,” said Joyce Gordon, President & CEO, Parkinson Society Canada. “When Yvon speaks, people listen; his messages always have an impact. We honour him not only for his vision and leadership but also for his unfailing sense of hope for people with Parkinson’s.”

Yvon is currently a member of the board of Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, where he also serves as a support group facilitator. He is an immediate past board member of Parkinson Society Canada and past Chair of the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson Centre in British Columbia.

The David Simmonds Parkinson’s Leadership Award honours the unique contributions and charisma of David Simmonds, the past Chair of Parkinson Society Canada (1999 – 2001), who through his exceptional vision, leadership, perseverance and commitment, redefined and strengthened the voice of those living with Parkinson’s in Canada.

Mimi Feutl Award

  • Bev Lavender

    Bev Lavender

Bev Lavender of Toronto, Ontario receives the 2011 Mimi Feutl Award for her passion and enthusiasm for making life better for people with Parkinson’s.

Bev is the leader and facilitator of “Moving Ahead Together,” a support group for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, now in its seventh year. She founded the group with colleagues she met at a Parkinson’s information session shortly after her diagnosis with Young-Onset Parkinson’s in 2004, at the age of 44. In six years she has only missed one meeting!

An annual participant and volunteer with the Parkinson SuperWalk, Bev is actively involved in the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario Advocacy Committee and has contributed to the Neurological Health Charities Canada round table discussion concerning future public policy directions for neurological health issues.

Bev maintains a demanding full-time job as Senior Merchandise Manager for a large clothing company. She is also a talented artist, with paintings exhibited at the 2010 Parkinson’s Conference in Toronto and quilt panels selected for the Parkinson Quilt Project presented at the World Parkinson’s Congress 2010 in Glasgow.

Bev’s life exemplifies her motto: “You have to manage your Parkinson’s – don’t let it manage you.”

  • Beth Holloway

    Beth Holloway

Beth Holloway of St. John’s, Newfoundland receives the 2011 Mimi Feutl Award for her unwavering commitment to helping people with Parkinson’s.

At 33, Beth was diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s. Just 10 years into her beloved career as a high school teacher, she accepted a forced early retirement, but never a defeat to Parkinson’s itself. For the past decade, Beth has been reaching out to people in her Maritime community through a regional newsletter, The Prattle, where she acts as editor. In her column, Beth’s Few Cents, she urges readers not to surrender to the cruel changes Parkinson’s may bring.

Beth’s dedication to helping others with Parkinson’s has found her enthusiastically serving on the boards and several committees of Parkinson Society Canada and Parkinson Society Newfoundland & Labrador. She is involved in organizing the Parkinson Community Education Program and travels throughout Newfoundland facilitating sessions and overseeing conferences for people with Parkinson’s.

Beth’s compassion and understanding for people with Parkinson’s is seen in her natural ability to make people laugh and her creation of an open and honest atmosphere where people feel comfortable revealing their fears. Beth’s empathy ensures that no one attending her sessions feels excluded.

The annual Mimi Feutl Award recognizes the efforts of community builders whose responsive care and provision of information and support, has made life better for people living with Parkinson’s and their families. The recipient of the award exemplifies the compassion, energy and unwavering commitment of Mimi Feutl, former Director of Patient Services with the Parkinson Foundation of Canada (now Parkinson Society Canada) for over 22 years.

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