A Walk Down Learning Lane: The WPC Poster Tour

The 3rd World Parkinson Congress (WPC) in Montreal was an event brimming with science-based seminars, presentations on the latest research and interactive workshops to help  people with Parkinson’s live better. The formal program was complemented by other educational avenues during the four-day event. The WPC Poster Tour, a collection of over 200 discovery level research and Parkinson’s treatment strategies for every day living presented in poster format, was a mainstay of the exhibit hall.

Attendees had the option to casually stroll down the aisles of posters, grouped together by the two main themes of discovery science and living with Parkinson’s, or sign up for a guided tour by a prominent Parkinson’s specialist or neurological scientist.

Dr. Matthew Farrer, Professor in the Department of Medical Genetics and Director of the Centre for Applied Neurogenetics in the Brain Research Centre at University of British Columbia and world-renown genetics expert, was one of the tour guides.

“My role (as WPC Poster Tour guide) was to engage the presenter to discuss how the study was conducted, to ask questions about their findings and offer suggestions on next steps or how to move the study forward,” said Dr. Farrer.

The science-based posters were created largely for others working in the fields of Parkinson’s and neurological science, including basic and clinical sciences, best practices for care delivery and related themes. People with Parkinson’s and other non-medical contributors also submitted posters delivering information that could make a positive difference in living with Parkinson’s, including exercise suggestions and raising awareness for fundraising campaigns all over the world.

“I see them as a visual overview of specific research. The posters give objectives and outcomes and those who want to know more can review the full scientific papers from the researcher or clinician,” said Grace Ferrari, Health Care Professional Education Associate at Parkinson Society Canada.

“Going on a tour with a professional gives you a deeper understanding of what posters mean and the information that they deliver,” added Ferrari.

Parkinson Society Canada presented a poster at WPC covering the newly launched buddies program, a pilot project and a first at Congress, delivering sign up statistics, countries involved and projected outcomes and gains for participants. Overall the Buddies Program, the WPC Poster Tour and our Buddies Poster were a great success.

For more information on the WPC Posters please visit the World Parkinson Congress website.

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